Monday 5 August 2013

Dead people's bodies are usefull!

The most common reason of death in old age is cardiovascular disease. Now scientists are able to treat such conditions even if the patient is very old.

A team of Dr. Gepstein have genetically transformed skin cells from heart failure patients into healthy,beating, "young" heart tissue. This is a fantastic achievement for the field of regenerative medicine.The transformation was achieved by guiding the skin cells from  men with heart failure through an intermediate form known as human induced pluripotent stem cells, or "hiPSCs" for short. Unlike embryonic stem cells, however, hiPSCs start out as fully-formed cells of a specific type. In the case of Gepstein's research, the hiPSCs started out as fully developed skin cells.When Gepstein's team grew their new muscle cells in a dish, in the company of existing heart tissue, the two were beating in unison within a matter of days. When they transplanted the tissue into the hearts of rats, they observed the same thing.

What's most exciting about this research is that the heart cells derived from the skin cells of the two elderly patients appear to function just as well as those derived from young, healthy volunteers. Thus, we are able to rejuvenate ourselves, at list , a some organs.

Sourse: NCBI

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