Tuesday 2 July 2013

Reform of Russian Academy of Science

In recent decade the Russian parliament have a trend to make various reforms.

I am not very interesting in politics, so the first reform, that I remember, was an education reform. According  to it Russian (USSR) education system should become similar to the educational systems of Europe ant the USA. I think, each of systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, however, I prefer to study in USSR system, because it does not limit an imagination and creativity of children, but no one asked me or my parents to chose the system.In my opinion, this reform will make russian children stupid.

And now, they decided to reform Russian Academy of Science.  I will not give here a lot of details, but a lot of branches of RAS will be eliminated and  RAS will be deprived of its property. This will allow to sold RAS buildings, that cost a lot of money, and fire a lot of scientists. So, with great confidence I can conclude, that RAS will die soon. =(((((

The only way you can help Russian scientists to survive is to write an open letter to Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Please, write!

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