Friday 20 September 2013

SENS6 report

Hi everyone!

Recently the famous aging conference, SENS6, took place at Cambridge. Unfortunately,I could not attend it, but my friends and colleagues, Yana Aznaurova and Anastasia Shindyapina were happy to took part in it and to share their impressions.

Anastasia Shindyapina was the youngest speaker in this conference, and gave a talk about the bioinformatic analysis of factors involved in age-related mineralization of soft tissues. I think this is a topic worth to study and Anastasia and her team made greate work.

Also, one more speaker from our First Open Institute for Regenerative Medicine for Young Scientists. This was Alex Zhavoronkov, one of the co-founders of the Institute. He introduced our economic work called "New economic arguments for accelerating aging research". Although general public might not understand all formulas, but speech was great and the audience liked it.

I hope I can attend SENS7 next year=)


  1. This is fantastic! There were so many Russian scientists that came to SENS6 through the Biogerontology Research Foundation. And every delegate got the "Ageless Generation" book ( in the conference bag.

  2. Oh, and another scientist from our team launched a science blog – ;)