Wednesday 27 February 2013

Lecture by Charles Cantor


  1. Great!! The Aging Apollo Project is real!!
    I founded the Apollo Longevity Institute exactly for that reason. We are based in Northern California and are focusing on dissecting the biology of human aging. Particularly the genes and biological pathways that are responsible for aging and age related diseases. The Institute employs a whole organism pathway visualization technology and I have a great international team of academic researchers hear in the US, Canada, U.K. and Europe. Would be great to meet you sometime. I know Charles Cantor from way back in the mid 80's at a previous start-up biotech company he is a great guy.

    Yours in Longevity.


    Michael J. Powell PhD
    Founder and President
    Apollo Longevity Institute
    Tel: 925-727-8050

  2. Еще бы кросс-постов в соцсети )